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We know how important it is for people to find a primary care doctor that they can trust to provide them with proper medical care. Nothing is more important than your health and you want a doctor on your side who makes you an active part of your own healthcare. Here at Wynn Family Medicine in Fairfax the primary care team of Dr. Alancia Wynn are here to provide you with the caring and compassionate healthcare you and your family deserve.

Your primary doctor will be the first person you turn to for healthcare. This means that our primary care team can address a wide range of patient needs, from routine checkups and preventive care to treating injuries and illnesses and even helping you manage chronic diseases. Our focus here at Wynn Family Medicine is to make sure that patients get the routine checkups and care they need to stay healthy. We are focused on preventive measures we can take to reduce a patient’s risk for developing common and chronic health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

We are here to provide routine physicals and checkups, screenings, bloodwork, and immunizations. Of course, what do you do when an injury or illness impacts your health? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! From sinus infections and rashes to allergies and digestive issues, we can also figure out what’s going on and provide you with the appropriate treatment.

By having a primary doctor that you trust, you’re more likely to get the medical checkups and preventive care you need to identify health problems early, which can also save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Our medical team cares deeply for every patient that comes through our doors. We have made it our mission to provide quality, compassionate medical care you can trust. 

Wynn Family Medicine In Fairfax Provides Primary Care To Address All Of The Health Care Needs For You And Your Family. To schedule an appointment call us today at (703) 560-0300

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